About Little Bit Home Repair & Renovations

 We are company founded in 2017 that is determined to change the negative opinion of the public over concerns about home repairs and renovations. 

Virtually everyone has either had a bad experience or knows of someone who has when it comes to hiring a contractor. They take down payments, they do not show up, they do not complete the job or they have taken the money and ran. I promise, you will not have this problem if we are fortunate enough to gain your business. We will not ask for any upfront down payments for labor or materials. Labor will only be paid based on the length of the contract and the final payment will not be expected until completion and customer satisfaction. Materials will only be paid upon delivery. 

Our mission statement is we do not get paid unless we deliver, plain and simple!


I sincerely believe our job is not complete until the customer is satisfied with our performance. Without satisfied customers, we cannot expect you to refer us to your family or friends.